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Good news everyone! We’re totally ready to launch! Everything is going as planned right now and we’re having a very busy weekend, but the launch date was announced and there’s nothing we can do to stop ;)

Might I start with a little press release? You can post this wherever you want, blogs, forums, chats, … newspapers, TV, radio ;) but please, schedule that for Monday (1st of June), okay? is a new third-party Twitter service that renders instant detailed information about a particular Twitter user’s latest 200 posts. It would generally take hours of scouting and pulling together information from hundreds of posts to scrape up some sort of insight into the user’s topic interests on Twitter. does this in a flash, providing 3 tag clouds which represent the user’s key topics on Twitter.

How does it work? gets access to the profile of a user via the Twitter API, scanning all the public info and his/her latest 200 tweets. It builds up three tag clouds: topics, #hashtags and @mentions, based on the user’s recent activity, excluding all stop words.

Let’s say you’ve received 20 new followers today and you cannot decide whether to follow back or not. You do NOT have the time to read 200 tweets on each of them, right? Nevertheless, you can’t just follow everyone, since you’ll get unwanted tweets in your friends timeline. Here’s the key: take a peek at ther profiles and you’re done!

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The beta version is still alive, but I’ll shoot that one down on Sunday. Everything’s set and almost working on and take a look at your searchbox. It should indicate (lights up blue in FF3) that there’s a new search plugin available. Click on the drop-down list and select Anyway, I’m not sure that this would be enough, I mean wouldn’t it be nicer if there was a little button in your Firefox statusbar that you could click and input a name? Your thoughts on this one.

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