Quick Flickr Widget: Plugin update!

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Hey I got some great news about my first wordpress plugin called Quick Flickr Widget. I applied to the WordPress Plugin Directory and guess what! I got hosted! They sent me an e-mail with all the necessary links. I quickly set up a valid readme file and uploaded everything to their plugins repository under version 1.0b. The plugin appeared in the directory in about 10 minutes, but there was no description, installation guide and FAQs. I figured out it’s because the readme file was called quick-flickr-widget.txt! Renamed that to readme.txt, made some minor changes and cleaned up my code in quick-flickr-widget.php and released the 1.0 version.

Anyways, the old plugin page still remains valid and up to date, nevertheless here’s the official link at WordPress.org: Quick Flickr Widget.

I’ve also started to develop a new plugin called Related External Links. I hope it gets hosted by WordPress.org too.

Here are the screenshots:

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  1. Wohoo! My second plugin's gonna be hosted on WordPress.org too! Got the approval e-mail today :)

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