WordPress Junkies: Blogging via iPhone

I wrote about offline blogging with Windows Live Writer some time ago, and now I realized that it’s not that fun! Alright, I have two good news. The first one’s that I received approval for my second wordpress plugin (Related External Links) to be hosted at the official WordPress Plugin Directory. I commited the first beta a few minutes ago so go ahead and vote it up: Related External Links (thanks!).

The second news is… Y’know I’ve been dreaming about it since it was first announced. Yeah, I finally got myself an Apple iPhone!! Woot! It’s so sad that Moscow hasn’t got 3G internet yet (MTS announced it for the end of 2009) but I’ve got Wi-Fi at home and office plus EDGE everywhere else, so I guess I’ll survive. The first thing you definitely have to install on a brand new iPhone is TwitterFon. Get it for free from the iTunes Application Store (via iTunes on PC or App Store on your phone) and you’ll be tweeting 24/7, sending TweetPics along with your iPhone GPS coordinates. Jeez I’m so excited (BTW follow me!).

Anyways. Back to WordPress. I really appreciate that the WordPress team made this iPhone App. You can get it for free at the iTunes Application Store. It’s very user friendly and all the functionality you’d need is plugged into this little app. I’ve made some screenshots (thanks to @CMoz) to show you the whole process. Make sure you read the comments to each shot.

One more thing. If you’re into iPhone, you should definitely check out: Apps and Hats. It’s a brand new video blog about iPhone apps, which is launching 20th of March. Make sure you subscribe to their RSS feed and/or follow the Apps and Hats Twitter account. I think they’ll be using TwitterFeed to tweet their blog updates. Cheers!

8 thoughts on “WordPress Junkies: Blogging via iPhone

  1. Hey Konstantin, as always thanks for your support!! You are really working on this blog and it's such a fab resource and totally useful! I use that app by the way, and your right it is really good for when you are on the go.

    • Thanks Christine. I'm really looking forward to the Apps & Hats, I think it's gonna be great. Oh, and this post was about writing on the go, check out my next one, it's about reading on the go. Again, thanks to you for suggesting wpTouch ;)

      ~ k

  2. Kovshenin – I also do blog posting from my iPhone. I have tried, blogpress, iBlogger and wordpress for iPhone. Blogpress is excellent, you can upload unlimited images, set image sizes, categories, tags almost everything. You can even save as draft, set the post publish time etc in Blogpress. In blogpress, the images are uploaded to picasa, but in iBlogger its to your hosted server and thumbnail is created.

    • BlogPress – yeah, looks cool. Supports WordPress, Blogger, LJ, Drupal, Joomla, and other platforms. Costs ~$10 though, yeah not much, but WordPress is free ;) Anyways, thanks for the info Kishore. Nice blog you have there by the way! Keep it up!

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