Meet me at Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

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Google Developer Day Moscow 2010 is on it’s way (tomorrow, November 12), and yes, I received my invitation. It’s interesting to know that this year’s invitations included a barcode together with the registration number. It seems that Google was quite tight last year when 1000 invitations were sent out, and over 1500 people came to the event. This resulted in people standing on some of the most interesting lectures, which of course was not very comfortable. The wifi channels were overloaded too. So it seems that this year we’ll have a little bit more fresh air.

The agenda is split into five sections: Android, Chrome & HTML5, Cloud Computing, Monetization and Social Web. Below is a short list of topics I’m willing to attend (I may change my mind though ;)

  • Google Web Toolkit
  • What’s New in App Engine
  • Exploring Google’s Social APIs
  • Large Scale Data Analysis and Processing on App Engine
  • VC investment for your company
  • Google Apps Marketplace: Integrate and Sell Your Cloud Apps to Google Apps Customers

So it’s mostly about the Cloud Computing section (if you read my tweets you might have noticed that there’s some Python code overtaking my brains for the last two months).

Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to meet me in person on the event. My cell is +7 (926) 3211647, oh and for those of you who don’t know yet, my name is Konstantin (see sidebar). So, hope to see you at Google Developer Day, and hope there’ll be coke and beer like last year ;)

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