I'll be at Google Developer Day 2011

Google Developer Day 2011I can’t believe this is the first post I’m writing here in September. I really have to do something with myself and my time management and in my defense I can only say Theme.fm is doing pretty good, but okay, this post is not about WordPress.

This post is about my favorite tech conference — Google Developer Day and this year will be my third year in a row in Moscow. I’m not expecting much this year since from last year I’ve stepped a little bit away from Google App Engine, although I’m still using it from time to time. What’s interesting this year is the “Social” track and of course Google+. I bet the room will be packed, just like Wave during it’s days ;)

Also interesting: VC Panel, Google+ Hangout Apps, Google+ APIs and of course the good time we’ll have with my friends, the food and drinks, amazing as usual. And let’s hope I get to see some of my “old friends” from Google ;) Make sure you poke me if you’re coming so we can chat and play video games during the breaks.

Video: Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

Hurray, the video’s out! Damn I love when Google posts videos about their events, they’re always so exciting! Didn’t find myself anywhere in the shots, but I did find some of my friends. Not to keep you waiting any longer:

Never knew barcode readers are able to parse data from an iPhone screen, that was amazing. For those of you who missed out my short review of the event: Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

It’s been a good Friday last week, although I was a little bit late for the show. The event was held in Crocus City Hall in Moscow, which is quite wicked unless you drive there by car. Google Developer Day Moscow 2010, we all waited so long for it (one whole year actually) and it turned out to be… fascinating, as usual!

Starting early morning we got some coffee (which I was late for) and took our place in the main hall for the keynote by Eric Tholome and Gene Sokolov and a few other speakers who introduced their sections: Chrome & HTML5 was amazing, 2d and 3d graphics, filesystem API and hardware access, thus – speech recognition, device orientation and more. Chrome Web Store is coming soon (developer preview available). Cloud Computing with the new AppEngine for Business, plus a short introduction to Spring Roo. The Android introduction was quite boring. Other sections (Monetization and Social Web) didn’t get their five minutes during the keynote.

After that we all went out to have some fun, drank coke, played MindBall, PS3 and air hockey. This part turned out to be much more exciting than last year ;) and then came the presentations. I’ll list below the ones I’ve been at, others were promised to be listed on Google Code Blog.

Google Web Toolkit

Fred Sauer (@fredsa) gave us yet another short intro to GWT, mentioned again that the Google AdWords interface is built completely using their toolkit which is wonderful. Yeah, we heard that last year, did anything change? Well yeah, Fred spoke a little bit more about Spring Roo and then off to Eclipse. We’ve seen Eclipse last year too, but it seems that they made some improvements on the Google Plugin for Eclipse and introduced Speed Tracer which is quite exciting.

We went once more through the features of GWT, a brief GWT 2.1 introduction and yet another MVP presentation (for the ones that missed it last year).

This whole presentation made me install Eclipse immediately. I downloaded and installed the Google Plugin with AppEngine and GWT enabled, I switched my workspace to PyDev, created a new Google AppEngine Hello-World project, hit Deploy to AppEngine and bang! It told me that Eclipse cannot deploy my project to AppEngine since it’s not an AppEngine project. What? Goodbye Eclipse, see you next year! ;)

AppEngine for Business

I miseed the first “What’s new in AppEngine” topic by Fred, but Patrick Chanezon (@chanezon) outlined some of the exciting bits in his topic. Patrick introduced us to AppEngine for Business: SLA, Support, Hosted SQL, Custom Domain SSL and Enterprise Admin Console (sounds awesome, doesn’t it) – but yet again, I’m not that keen on trying it, especially with the feeling that they’ve done everything right, but only for Java, while Python is lacking behind. I’m okay with the current console and limitations, so thank you Google ;)

Once again, we’ve been told about Eclipse, the Google Plugin for Eclipse and how easy it is to deploy an application to AppEngine (Java, *sigh*). Patrick then gave us a short intro to the Google Apps Marketplace and took questions, which were mostly about feeds, comissions, etc.

VC Investment for Your Company

This was quite interesting with Ilya Ponomarev (@iponomarev) and Don Dodge (@dondodge) on stage. They discussed doing business in Russia, startups, business incubators and Skolkovo Innovation Center. Surprisingly Ilya mentioned Timothy Post (@timothypost) and Runet Labs as the ones launching Techstars in Russia.

Ilya and Don took many questions, most of which were either boring, or from journalists ;) At the end of the session, Don disappeared and Ilya gathered a group outside in the main hall and spent another hour answering questions (some of which were silly again). But yeah, it’s good to hear that stuff like this is at least being discussed. A good quote from Don about looking for VC investment in your startup:

One person can have a delusion. But if three people are crazy, okay, we’ll give you the money!

Don Dodge at Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

Well, that’s quite it! At the end of all the sessions we got Google Developer Day and Google Chrome t-shirts, beer and wine, again, this seems to be a tradition. I’ve gathered a Twitter list of people I met, heard about and seen at Google Developer Day, you can find it right over here: @kovshenin/gddru – feel free to poke me if there’s somebody I forgot to add to that list.

Anyways, it’s been a great day, hope to be there next year!

Meet me at Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

Google Developer Day Moscow 2010 is on it’s way (tomorrow, November 12), and yes, I received my invitation. It’s interesting to know that this year’s invitations included a barcode together with the registration number. It seems that Google was quite tight last year when 1000 invitations were sent out, and over 1500 people came to the event. This resulted in people standing on some of the most interesting lectures, which of course was not very comfortable. The wifi channels were overloaded too. So it seems that this year we’ll have a little bit more fresh air.

The agenda is split into five sections: Android, Chrome & HTML5, Cloud Computing, Monetization and Social Web. Below is a short list of topics I’m willing to attend (I may change my mind though ;)

  • Google Web Toolkit
  • What’s New in App Engine
  • Exploring Google’s Social APIs
  • Large Scale Data Analysis and Processing on App Engine
  • VC investment for your company
  • Google Apps Marketplace: Integrate and Sell Your Cloud Apps to Google Apps Customers

So it’s mostly about the Cloud Computing section (if you read my tweets you might have noticed that there’s some Python code overtaking my brains for the last two months).

Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to meet me in person on the event. My cell is +7 (926) 3211647, oh and for those of you who don’t know yet, my name is Konstantin (see sidebar). So, hope to see you at Google Developer Day, and hope there’ll be coke and beer like last year ;)

Google Developer Day 2009 Moscow – Conclusion

Well I guess it’s time to give you a detailed update on the event of the year – Google Developer Day 2009 Moscow (Google I/O, #gdd09ru on Twitter). It was held on November 10th, with over 1,500 visitors and a few guys from Google! Here’s a little video (Chrome Experiments and the Google I/O song with the lyrics) that’s been playing around on the big screens during the conference.

Out of the many topics at GDD 2009 I had the chance to listen to HTML 5, OpenSocial, Speeding up the Web, Google Web Toolkit, Google AppEngine, Google Android and PubSubHubbub. The most interesting was of course OpenSocial by Chris Chabot – Developer Advocate at Google. I also had a little chat with Chris during one of the breaks and he seemed like a very nice guy to me. I found out some interesting stuff about OpenSocial and started writing some code already! Too bad though that Facebook aren’t yet supporting OpenSocial, guess they’re too fond of their own platform and API. Well, that’s Facebook ;)

One more interesting topic was Speeding up the Web, but I wrote about that earlier: Every Millisecond Counts: Page Speed for Firebug.

HTML 5 and PubSubHubbub were just introductory presentations of what’s going on with the web and why real-time matters. Basically all that stuff is available on the net for quite a long time now, though I didn’t quite understand why the RSS Cloud by Dave Winer doesn’t seem to have a future.

The Google Web Toolkit and AppEngine lectures were a bit more techy than the rest. We saw lots of code on the screen which showed some nice methods for testing web applications, the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design pattern, and the keynote featured a little demonstration about how easy it is to write and deploy Java applications using the Google Web Toolkit and AppEngine plugins in Eclipse.

Other celebrities at Google Develoepr Day were Lars Rasmussen and Stephanie Hannon – the creators of Google Wave from Google Sydney. By the way a friend of mine Alex managed to get a cool photo with Lars, and I managed to get one (not so cool, blame the photographer) with Chris. Here are a few photos from the event:

I’d also like to give a huge shoutout to Alexey Shelestenko from Google Russia. There were way too many people dying to get to the event, but Alexey was the one who made sure I could come. Thank you so much Alexey! And I guess that’s it, waiting for Google Developer Day 2010 ;)

Every Millisecond Counts: Page Speed for Firebug

Here’s a little video that we’ve seen at Arvind’s and Sreeram’s presentation about speeding up the web at the Google Developer Day 2009 conference in Moscow. Inspiring isn’t it?

Arvind and Sreeram talked about a very nice plugin for Firefox (built upon Firebug) which is called Page Speed, developed and maintained by the Googlers. You may read more about the plugin on the official page at Google Code: Page Speed for Firefox/Firebug plus a bunch of cool tips and tricks right here: Let’s make the web faster. I used to run with one called YSlow by Yahoo, but the Googlers seem to have made a better job.

I ran the speed tests on my homepage and got quite a few sweet suggestions, mainly about combining and minifying my CSS and JavaScript files, distributing static content to different cookie-less domains and a couple more. Well combining and minifying CSS and JS would have been quite difficult in WordPress due to the series of plugins that use their own, if it weren’t of course for the W3 Total Cache plugin. In only a few minutes I managed to combine all javascript and stylesheets into single minified versions, which were recreated whenever a plugin was updated. After doing that, running the same test didn’t yield out that problem anymore. Distributing static content to different domains, well that’s one more issue that would have been solved by that brilliant cache plugin and its CDN features, but I guess I’ll have to wait for Amazon CloudFront compatibility.

One more thing I love about Page Speed is that not only they state the problem, but also provide the solution, or at least an easy guide to the solution. Now with a few warnings left, my Page Speed overall performance is okay. I hope to optimize that later this month for even faster access, and perhaps sign up with a PubSubHubbub service (Brett Slatkin had a fantastic presentation on that one at GDD too), and I can finally pronounce that correctly, Hubbub for short.

Google Developer Day Moscow 2009

Okay it’s official, I AM going to be at Google Developer Day on the 10th of November in Moscow. I’ve got my business cards delivered yesterday, and yeah, they could have been a little bit better, but it’s alright. I posted them out on Twitter yesterday evening, if anybody’s missed it here’s the picture: twitpic.com/odnkt. Quite simple heh? Anyways, I haven’t yet decided which topics I want to go to and the ones I could miss, besides, some of them should be on YouTube the very next day, but I’m really looking forward to hearing about the Google Wave API, the Open and Social Web and of course HTML 5 and the Future of the Internet (at least it sounds funky).

Hope to meet a bunch of interesting folks there and have an overall great time! The official hashtag of the event is #gdd09ru.

Update: Google Developer day was fun, I had no idea it would be THAT awesome. You know what I mean if you’ve been following my tweets. Anyways, I’ll write up a new post with pictures and videos from the event later this week :)

Update: A detailed report has been filed here: Google Developer Day 2009 Moscow: Conclusion