Akismet Comment Spam Chart

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Akismet Spam Stats

I turned commenting off on articles older than 14 days a copule of months ago and here’s the impact shown by Akismet’s stats page. No wonder why I stopped receiving a bunch of “please moderate” e-mails every day.

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  • I’m confident not a single spam ever appeared on my website. Every first comment a user makes is moderated. Akismet does a good job at filtering out all the rest. My accuracy rate for 2011 shows 99,81%. The 61 missed spam it didn’t catch I flagged myself. The numbers I see in your screenshot above are of course a lot higher, but I do wonder what graph you get under “Missed Spam”.

    • Mine says 384 missed spam with a 99.9% accuracy rate, and of course there’s a small change when comparing to the time I turned off comments on old articles. December and January are both at 1 missed spam so far :)

  • Looks like a good idea, however I’m reluctant to disable comments on old posts as people do still comment on them. Have you tried GASP? It was recommended to me a while ago – it’s an alternative to Akismet. I’d recommend it – I hardly get any spam even in the spam queue since I switched. Previously I was getting 500+ spam comments (admittedly in the spam queue) every week – now I get hardly any.