Learning Dvorak

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As some of you might have noticed on Twitter and Facebook, I recently started learning a new keyboard layout called Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout, so I decided to share a couple of links that inspired me. The Dvorak Zine uses comics to explain the history and promote the layout. They also have a Dvorak typing course.

Matt Mullenweg’s On the Dvorak Keyboard Layout (written back in 2003) explains the advantages, why and how he switched to the Dvorak layout. Matt also quoted:

I knew that however long it took me to learn it would be incrementally paid for by the increased productivity and comfort in the future.

Quite inspired by all this, I made a 2012 resolution to learn touch typing on Dvorak at least as fast as I can touch type on Qwerty (around 100 words per minute.) I can also touch type the Cyrillic keyboard layout at around 80 words per minute but that won’t change with Dvorak ;)

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  • Have you made the switch yet, or still in the planning phase? I want to switch as well, I just couldn’t push myself to change so far, I guess I’d need to have a period off work to really start!

    • Jeremy, I can’t say that I switched just yet. I do use Dvorak where I can (like writing this comment) but when I need to reply to an urgent Skype message I have to go back to Qwerty. I did memorize the layout though so I can touch type, only very very slow ;) Also using the new layout during work will make you learn it a lot faster.

  • I’m using Colemak keyboard layout for more than 3 years. If you are just starting out on Dvorak, consider this too.

    • Although I consider myself a beginner, I’m not really “starting out” since I have already invested quite a lot of time to learn the new layout and now going for speed and accuracy. I will take a look at Colemak maybe even learn it someday, that would be my fourth layout ;) thanks for the heads up! P.S. I noticed the M key is in the same spot on all three layouts.