Amazon Kindle Fire

Today I turned 24 and my wife got me a Kindle Fire — something I wanted for ages, primarily for reading, but turns out it’s a great tablet for work and play too.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The first thing I did was go to the Amazon App Store to install a couple of free apps, but got quite a disappointing message: your payment method contains a non-US billing address, please use a US credit card, which I don’t have.

Luckily PayPal has a list of dummy credit cards where I got my American Express, entered a random US billing address, removed all other credit cards and addresses on file, and soon had free apps running on my Kindle. Great, though this method will probably not work for paid apps or books, and you’ll need an actual US credit card, or an Amazon gift card.

Anyway, time to make a list of things I’ve always wanted to read. What a great birthday present!

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