Running Coltrane

The upgrade went great, spent about 10 minutes on everything. Here’s my version of a quick guide, assuming you have SSH access. Start off by disabling all your plugins through the wordpress administration panel and doing a complete backup (including database). Then load up your putty or whatever SSH client you are used to. My wordpress is running from /home/kovshenin/wordpress/ and here is what I did:

cd /home/kovshenin
gunzip latest.tar.gz
mkdir wp27
tar -xvf latest.tar -C ./wp27

This is to download the latest version of wordpress from the official wordpress resource, unzip it (gunzip) and extract (tar) to /home/kovshenin/wp27.

Next, just like the wordpress upgrade guide said, remove your wp-admin and wp-includes directories, and then copy the new files to the old location:

cp -R wp27/wordpress/* wordpress

You’re almost done. Launch the database update script by browsing to, and voila! Make sure you update all the plugins that you used and re-enable them. I’m just lovin’ my new dashboard!


WordPress 2.7

There’s been a lot of noise after the 2.7 beta release and I really liked the First Look at WordPress 2.7 article by Weblog Tools Collection. So I’m really looking forward to upgrade. I’m currently running 2.6.3 and my WordPress keeps yelling for 2.6.5 upgrade, but I think I’ll stay to 2.6.3 cause it seems pretty stable, unlike 2.6.2 where I had some problems setting up WP-Cache and the WP Super Cache plugins.

As far as I know a WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 is out today, but that still doesn’t encourage me to upgrade my current blogs, though I might find some free time to play with it locally. And I’m also thinking about trying out Typepad. It’s not that I don’t like WordPress. WordPress is great, I love it and I doubt that I’ll replace it with anything, ever. But Typepad seems okay too, so I just want to check it out, give it a couple of test shots, and try to get a design layed out for Typepad. Hell knows, maybe it’s great ;)

Yeah, and Windows Live Writer has Typepad integration too! I know lots of people that use Typepad. Yes, it’s expensive (unlike WordPress) but I’m sure it’s worthed.

Windows Live Writer

The Pro Web 2.0 Mashups book I wrote about earlier is going great and I finally got to the blogging chapters. Standalone blogging, yeah that was a news for me. I mean it is obvious that offline/standalone blogging is applicable to WordPress and other blogging systems, and that’s one of the main reasons why the XML-RPC protocol is supported by them, right? Well I just didn’t see the benefits of offline posting.

Actually, this is my very first offline post, so I’m not so sure that it’ll come out safe and sound, but I really do trust Microsoft in some ways, although I’m in love with Fedora Linux. Anyways, Microsoft Windows Live Writer seems great and has lots of cool features. It’s not just a plain-text editor that’ll post through XML-RPC, so I suggest you check it out: It supports most of the blogging systems that we use today.

I’m currently experiencing problems linking it to my russian weblog, maybe it’s because I self-customized the theme (losing some meta tags), or just no wordpress 2.6.2 support. I’ll be sure to upgrade and check that out next week.

UPD 5 minutes later: Yup yup! ;)

I Got my Flickr Account!

Yeah, I finally got my Flickr account and would like to share my photostream with everyone, so if you’re interested feel free to add me to your contact list:

By the way, I haven’t got a camera – I use my cellphone to take pictures so the quality isn’t very good, sorry. Anyways, I’ve found a great way to upload images directy to Flickr using my Nokia 6681. In fact, there are two of them. One is to use the WAP browser and point it to, login and upload pictures. The second one is to use e-mail posting. Flickr gives out some secret e-mail address to every user. If you send an image to that address it appears in your photostream. Tagging is allowed aswell.

Oh, and you can also use the XML-RPC protocol to post pictures directy to your wordpress (or any other) blog. Look for it in the account settings.

Going Live, on Air!

So, what is this brand new blog gonna be about?

Well, first of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Konstantin, and “Kovshenin” is my last name and screenname in almost any IM, social media stuff, etc. I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’ve been working in the web industry for quite a long time now, so this blog will probably be about new (and old) web technologies, search engine secrets, web design tips and tricks (and many many more, hopefully).

I’ll start off straight away by talking a little about wordpress. I’ve been using the 2.6.2 version for over three months now, although 2.6.3 is pretty stable. The reason why I didn’t want to upgrade (my russian blogs) is that some plugins that I liked worked fine in 2.6.2, but not 2.6.3. Well, I’ve tried to forget all about plugins while bringing up this blog, so now I’m running latest stable, hopeing nothing goes wrong. Anyways, we’re all looking forward to 2.7 stable, while there are a couple of betas available on the wordpress development blog. The 2.7 release is delayed for some reason…

Anyways, here’s a quick list of my favourite wordpress plugins:

  • Akismet Anti-spam
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Hello Dolly
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • WordPress Video Plugin
  • WP-Polls
  • WP Super Cache

You should be able to find any of these in the wordpress plugin directory, with descriptions and download links.

Oh, and I’d like to say thanks to the free wordpress themes website for this wonderful theme. It looks great and it’s handy-coded, so I’ll be sure to customize it in a while. Check them out, there are plenty more good-looking themes. The links are in the footer ;)

So, subscribe to my feed and stay tuned!