WordPress Speed and Performance Session from WordCamp Russia

I gave this talk in a couple of weeks ago at the very first WordCamp Russia 2013 which was a big success (will publish a recap separately). It covers most of the basics: what is site speed and why it’s important, a little bit of object caching, transient caching, page caching, opcode caching, browser caching, image compression, etc. Before you hit “Play”, please note that the...

The WordPress Settings API Video

Here’s the video of my session about the Settings API in WordPress from WordCamp Sofia 2012. You can find the slides and notes/transcript in a post I published earlier: The WordPress Settings API.

If you’re interested in making the Settings API better and less painful to use, please chime in to the discussion on this core ticket: #18285. Have fun!

WordPress Plugin Review Discussion

Otto, Brian Krogsgard, Ben Lobaugh, Erick Hitter, Jake Goldman, Kailey Lampert, Shane Pearlman, John Hawkins, Patrick Garman, Ryan Frankel, Andrew Norcross. Google Hangouts seemed to work pretty well! I don’t have a strong opinion about any of the points they discussed, but I would love to see an option to flag a particular plugin with a security issue, and obviously, write what the issue...

You Don’t Know WP_Query

If you think you know WP_Query, watch this talk by Andrew Nacin at WordCamp Portland 2011. Andrew digs through stuff like query_posts, wp_the_query, pre_get_posts and more. So if you’re still using query_posts without a good reason, Andy will convince you not to.
You can find the slides on SlideShare. Enjoy!

10 Things to Speed up WordPress

Ross Johnson talks about the importance of page load times in today’s world. CSS and JavaScript compression, clean HTML and compressed images, CSS sprites, page and object caching, content delivery networks and more. If your WordPress site is slow, watch this video for a handful of tips on how to make it faster.

Best Practices for WordPress Theming

Great session from WordCamp Singapore by my friend and co-worker Philip Arthur Moore, who talks about essential things to WordPress theme development, including a set of awesome plugins that can help. You can find the slides on SlideShare.

Wilhelm Joys Andersen: Responsive Web Design

From WordCamp Norway 2012, earlier this year, an awesome presentation by Wilhelm, who takes us through the world of responsive wed design. It isn’t something new, I agree, and as he mentions media queries have been around for over 10 years. However, it’s very nice to catch up on things, since a lot of WordPress theme developers are still overlooking all of this. One important aspect...